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How to recognize and avoid them

Don't be deceived!

In this period we are receiving numerous reports from our customers who tell us that they have been contacted, both by telephone and in person at their home, by subjects who pretend to be Colsam Energie agents. 

Unfortunately, there are commercial operators who exploit the ignorance of people about the world of energy and who have no qualms about telling falsehoods in order to acquire a customer. These subjects use our name for the sole purpose of stealing your personal and user data to activate a contract with another supplier. 

In this article we will not only report some of the most famous phrases with which operators, telephone or physical, try to convince you to change supplier by deception, but also some advice to recognize possible scammers and unmask them.

Some of the most famous phrases...

This phrase is often used because few customers have a real perception of what they are spending. No one, other than your supplier, knows about your rate, so no one can guarantee you any kind of savings.

Scammers play on the fact that people often do not really know the origin of the costs of a bill.

The only item that depends on your supplier is the first "Expenditure on energy / natural gas".

The item "Expenditure for transport and management of the meter" is the responsibility of the network distributors, who are responsible for keeping the entire infrastructure running. Each distributor is assigned a specific area, so the costs do not change when you decide to change supplier.

We also clarify that, according to Resolution 296/2015 / R / COM of ARERA, to avoid conflicts of interest, the Company that sells the energy cannot also be the one that distributes it.

It is true that the end of the Protection Market is scheduled for 1 January 2024 (except for further extensions), but you do not need any change of supplier or tariff update: your supplies with Colsam Energie are already on the Free Market.

You have just signed your new contract and they call you saying that due to "technical problems" your supply cannot be activated. Of course, problems can happen, but most of the time it is a scam: contact your trusted sales representative and ask for clarification.

They present themselves as a "Tariff Control Center" or "Electricity and Gas Authority": these "institutions" obviously do not exist!

These are subjects who have the objective of having you sign a contract with a new supplier with the sole purpose of earning a commission.

Here are our tips...

Request the presentation of the identification card of the person in charge who shows up at your home.

All our agents are equipped with them; you will find indicated:

  • Name and surname;
  • Working position;
  • Name of our company;
  • Office telephone number;
  • Direct mobile phone of the Agent;
  • Company email address;
  • Company logo;
  • Headquarters and branches.

The POD and PDR are the identification codes of your electricity and gas supply. They are essential to change supplier, they can be used to make you switch to a new manager without your authorization.

Always be wary of those who argue that it is mandatory to change the contract or that a change of rate or an update must be made.
If in doubt, ask for the documents to be sent by email, to be read calmly, or call our offices directly to ask for all the necessary information.

These words could be recorded and edited to simulate your approval of the change of supplier. It is the so-called "yes scam".

The web pages you are redirected to are most likely ad hoc phishing sites. Colsam Energie will never ask you to verify bank details or personal codes through external links.

Trust the people who put their face to it, trust those people you can contact directly for any of your needs, without having to go through ten thousand call centers around the world, only to find yourself talking with the usual recorded voice.

We prefer to ensure that you can always turn to a real person.

Verify phone number

Check if the phone number that contacted you is from one of our operators.

Write the phone number from which you were contacted